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Level, Flow, Pressure and Temperature

Sensors and Controls for Process and Machine Automation


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West Controls



CAL Range of Temperature Controllers

CAL Temperature Controls

CAL Digital Thermostat

DataVU Paperless Recorders

Extrusion Temperature Control

MAXVU rail DIN-rail Temperature Controller/Transmitter and Limiter

PMA KS 98-2 Multi-function Controller

DaraSheet - KS 98-2 Multifunction Controller

Paerlow 1400+, 1600+, 1800+ Process Temperature Controller

Pressure Transmitters

Pro-EC44 Single or two loop advanced controller with Graphic Display

Systematic Multiloop Control Flexible & modular: the KS vario multiloop controller system

Temperature Monitors and Limiters

West Controls Catalog

West Pro Series

PMA Rail Line
Modular process control I/O-system

West Series 4100, 6100, 8100 Temperaturte & Process Controls

West Series 4170, 6170, 8170 Value Motor Controller

West Series 4700, 6700, 8700 Limit Controller


Level, Flow, Pressure and Temperature

Sensors and Control for Process and Machine Automation