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Level, Flow, Pressure and Temperature

Sensors and Controls for Process and Machine Automation


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Overview of Kistler-Morse Weight Management


Load Sensors - Weight / Level Controller - Data Management


MicroCell Bolt-On Sensor




Turn Your Vessel into a Scale


L-Cell Bolt-On Sensor


Turn Your Vessel into a Scale


Load Stand II Direct Support

Load Stand II

Direct Vessel to Foundation


LD3 Compression

Load Cell


LD 3

Under Load Bearing Support


LD360s Load Cell




For CIP Applications


TC1 & TC2 Tension Cell

TC1 & TC2

Inventory Management &

Process Applications


LD3xi / Ld3xiC




High Accuracy for Small Capacity In-Process



Load Disc II Load Cell


Load Disc II

Low Profile for In-Process

and Bulk Storage


SV2000 Controller




High Performance Weight



STX Plus Transmitter

STX Plus

Cost Effective Blind



Weight II Controller

Weight II

Multi-Vessel Weight Indicator with Local Display

for up to 4 Vessels


MVS Controller



Multi-Vesel Weight Controller for Level,

Weight and Inventory Management

for ups to 120 Vessels


UltraWave UltraSonic System



Multi-Channel Non Contact Continuous Level Monitoring of

Solids or Liquids with Relay Outputs, Current Loop OutPuts and PLC Compatibility

ORB Inventory Management System




Multi-Vessel & Multi-Site

Monitoring and Management of Inventory Via Internet

from Anywhere in the Word


InvisiLink Wireless Radio



Wireless Solution

for RS422 & RS485 Devices

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The LevelWorks People at the

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Level, Flow, Pressure and Temperature

Sensors and Control for Process and Machine Automation