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The Roto-Bin-Dicator PRO


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The Roto-Bin-Dicatorฎ PRO is a Paddlewheel type Level Control that outperforms others in its class with Functional Diagnostics that

Detect a unit Fault even when the Paddle is Buried in material; unlike other paddlewheel devices.


•   Universal Input Power - AC / DC

120-240 VAC and 24-48 VDC

•   Outputs –  Main  Relay: 8A DPDT @ 150 VAC or 30 VDC Outputs Auxiliary Fault Relay, SP/DT Rated @ .46 Amps For Critical Monitoring Requirements.

•   External Lights – Green Power LED and RED Alarm LED

•   Diagnostics with Paddle In or Out of Material – Self-checks performed to detect and differentiated unit faults which are alerted through LED codes

•   High/Low Level Failsafe – user selectable

•   Motor Pause – optional setting, motor function will pause after a prolonged period of time where no change in material state is detected, saving power and extending the life of the unit

•   Time Delay – up 25 second delay of activation and deactivation of the alarm relay

•   Sensitivity Adjustments – as low as 3.4 lbs/ft3, paddle dependent.  Motor torque can be adjusted +/- 30% to match materials

•   Test FOB – check the functionality of the unit without removing the cover and while the paddle is in or out of material

•   Fault Option - faults trigger an alarm, no need to jumper relays to obtain genuine fail-safe operation

•   Unique Frame Design & Aluminum or Stainless Steel Process Connections to enable connection flexibility

- Imperial or Metric conduit thread options

- Process Fitting can be made to fit any connection

- Extension and Lag configurations available for added shaft length or high temperature applications


Paddle In or Out of Material

•   Supply Voltage Fault - The power supply voltage is too low.

•   Motor Not Connected - The motor has become disconnected from the power supply.

•   Electronics Out of Temperature Range - The electronic boards have gone outside the accepted temperature range.

•   Motor Failure - The motor has stopped functioning normally.

•   Gear Train Failure - Internal rotation mechanics are bound.

•   Electronics Fault - Internal rotation mechanics are bound.



Roto-Bin-Dicator PRO PDF DataSheet


Roto-Bin-Dicator PRO PDF

Installation Operation Manual


Standard Roto-Bin-DicatorPDF DataSheet


Standard Roto-Bin-Dicator PDF Installation Operation Manual

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